The Rock Destroys Jody From Baby Boy aka Black Ty aka Tyrese’s Album [VIDEO]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tyrese have a passive-aggressive beef going on. Well they had, because the actor and former wrestler absolutely eviscerated the R&B crooner.

Speaking from a parking lot, the Brahma Bull (word to the WWE), began explaining listening to Tyrese’s Black Rose album. The eloquently delivered slander was so marvelous, writing it down just won’t do it justice.

The thing is that it’s Tyrese is who posted this clip that seems to be from about 2 years ago. And you can see The Rock smiling as he walks off. Nevertheless, the Twitter pile, to the detriment of Black Ty, on was fast and furious. Sorry, too easy.

Peep the added slander below and on the flip.

Photo: Instagram

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