Lil B Dissed Post Malone In White Rapper Twitter Rant, Then Apologizes

Lil B is known for going on long Twitter tirades and often typing the first thing that comes to mind. Last Friday (Oct. 6), the Based God seemingly took shots at Post Malone by saying he’s going “full country” and saying he’s “Kim K thick” but has since apologized for the Twitter rant.

Race has been on the mind lately for the enigmatic Bay Area rapper and social media figure. After spitting a number of nonsensical facts, such has him saying he believed in the U.S. Constitution’s “3/5” human wording to depict Black people, Lil Boss took yet another of his famous left turns.

“Post Malone is slowly turning into a white dude!” B wrote on Friday. “Give it a few years he’s gon be full country and hate blacks!”

The rapper then heaped heavy praise on Eminem, G Eazy, and the Beastie Boys for being authentic white rappers, and ended his salvo with a jab towards music-hopping culture vulture Miley Cyrus.

“Even Mily Cyrus was like f*ck this black [people] sh*t I’m tapping in with my white country family,” B added.

It’s all a lot to capture but hit the flip to see some of Lil B’s zaniest comments about Post Malone, white rappers, race relations, and this whole Post Malone being “thick” business on the following pages.

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